Do you have a bothersome C Section scar? Not happy with how it looks or feels?

Scars will heal, but they can remain thickened, numb, itchy, painful or tight. In the abdomen they can cause a visible 'overhang' of tissue where the underlying tissue is tethered and lacks mobility.

For those working on repairing an abdominal separation, scar mobility (or lack of!) may be the missing part of the equation that needs addressing.

These issues with scars are treatable, with Scar Treatment available from Jo Dyson, Women's Health Physiotherapist at St Judes Clinic in Leighton Buzzard.

Gentle massage techniques are used on post-operative scars which can;

* bring healthy tissue towards the scar, filling the 'void' created by the scar,
* promote flow of fluid around the scar softening it,
* create mobility within the layers of tissue, which should slide and glide freely.

Scar treatment is quick, painfree, relaxing, non-invasive and many people find that a session or two makes a noticeable difference, which is permanent. Treatment can help the health and mobility of a scar, even if it is years old.

This treatment is available for many types of scars, be that a C Section or another medical procedure elsewhere on your body. If a scar is causing a problem then some work on its mobility can reduce pain, improve it's sensation, reduce how 'puckered' it looks and how thickened the tissue feel. Our bodies NEED movement, and inelastic scar tissue can cause a range of problems which can be improved upon - even years down the line.

There are certain situations where Scar Treatment is not suitable;

* during pregnancy,
* scars less than 8 weeks old,
* scars with and area that is open, weeping, inflamed or infected,
* a keloid scar,
* if you have abdominal/pelvic mesh from previous surgery,
* if your scar arose due to surgery for Cancer.

Jo is available in clinic on Tuesdays between 08.30 and 16.00 for Scar Treatment, which is a 30 minute appointment. If you feel this could assist you with your scar and would like to make a booking, or if you would like to find out if this could help you, please get in touch!


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