Jo has now co-hosted five sold out evening workshops in Leighton Buzzard with Sarah Pearson from Pear Projects, Women's Wellness Coach and Personal Trainer.

Join Jo & Sarah for an informal and informative evening for ALL women where you will learn techniques to help connect with your pelvic floor and core muscles, and how you can enhance your pelvic health. During this relaxed session we will cover:

🔺Simple pelvic muscle anatomy 
🔺How your alignment and posture influences your ability to use AND exercise your pelvic floor and core
🔺How your breathing effects pelvic floor and core muscle activity
🔺How a healthy pelvic floor can help improve lower back pain 
🔺Reasons why women leak urine
🔺Techniques to help reduce leaks
🔺Why it’s important to know how to contract AND relax the pelvic floor 
🔺Why just doing ‘kegels’ doesn’t always help
🔺Strategies to reduce or prevent pelvic organ prolapse
🔺A gentle practical exercise session putting the above into practise via modern, functional movement.

This event would be ideal for ANY WOMAN but especially useful if:

🔹You are pregnant
🔹You are postnatal, whether your birth was recently or a while ago and things still aren’t quite ‘right’
🔹You experience incontinence or symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse
🔹You leak urine when you exercise, laugh, sneeze or cough
🔹You have a Diastasis Recti (separation of the tummy muscles)
🔹You are peri-menopausal or menopausal
🔹You simply want to learn what you can do to help your own pelvic health
🔹You are a woman!

**Next date TBC**
The Studio, 3 Boss Avenue, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 4SD
Ticket booking here

£25pp, including goody bag and edible treats! 
Please register your interest with Jo to keep informed of the next evening workshop in Leighton Buzzard if you can't attend this date.
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