• Jo Dyson

Did P.E. with Joe Wicks highlight a pelvic floor issue for you?

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I applaud Joe Wicks and his efforts at keeping the nation's kids moving in lockdown, but as a pelvic health Physiotherapist; partaking in spidermen, upside down bicycles and bunny hops with my son each morning certainly made me wonder if UK Mums were pelvic-floor-ready for this sort of shenanigans.

His workouts were great fun and high energy; just what our little ones need to kick their day at home off. But if you've recently had a baby, or perhaps have older children and have ongoing pelvic health issues....perhaps these moves weren't ideal.

You might not even be aware you have a problem, because on a day to day basis it doesn't manifest. But if catching stars and climbing ladders with Joe caused you to leak urine/wind/faeces, led to some vaginal heaviness or pelvic/back pain....this wasn't the best lesson for you.

Too much impact, when you aren't conditioned for it can trigger these symptoms, which might not seem the end of the world here and now but know that it is a sign that all is not well with your pelvic floor function. Ignoring it can be detrimental to your long term pelvic health. Many women regard leaking as a normal or expected part of motherhood, but let's be clear on this...

No amount of leaking, at any time in your life, is normal. And it's totally treatable.

What to do?

If you've had a baby in the few months and/or you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, I advise you cheer your little ones on from the sidelines rather than join in with this type of workout, at this time.

If you don't usually have any pelvic floor symptoms, but notice some leaking or discomfort with the exercise - look at making some changes to the workout to meet your needs. Avoiding high impact is key so take out the jumps and modify moves with both feet in the air simultaneously to single leg moves. Avoid simultaneous arm and leg moves by choosing just arms OR legs. Keeps legs close together rather than wide apart eg in side lunges. Maintain continuous breathing rather then breath holding during any moves, which can increase downward pressure on the pelvic organs and abdominal wall.

Then address the problem...

Start with informing yourself so you understand exactly what's happening and why.

I have blogs on many pelvic health issues which you can learn more from;

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I would also advise seeing a pelvic health Physiotherapist for a pelvic floor examination, to find out exactly what is going on. This will guide your treatment and ensure you are following the right course of action (not all pelvic floors are the same!). I can offer this at St Judes Clinic in Leighton Buzzard; the clinic is now open again.

I can also offer in person and online pelvic floor and core rehab classes designed for postnatal ladies.....whether your youngest is weeks, months or years old. I use my clinical expertise as a pelvic health Physio and teach modified Pilates exercises with a focus on appropriate pelvic floor and abdominal exercise, which will enhance brain/muscle connection and help tackle leaking, prolapse and postnatal abdominal separation. Build your foundation first, THEN use impact exercise!

Let me help guide you safely back to the activities and life that you love, without the frustration of leaking and the discomfort of prolapse symptoms.

Held at The Recreation Rooms in Linslade AND as a Facebook live event, you can join me on a Sunday evening 8-9pm or watch online, at a time that suits you. Or both...then repeat the class as you wish for better value!

I have strict procedures in place to maintain a Covid secure class, following my regulatory body guidance and PHE.

Drop me a message to find out more or to book your place. A free online trial class is available for new clients.


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