• Jo Dyson

new mum....? Try this new way to poo!

Let's be honest, when you've just delivered a baby, having your first poo afterwards can fill you with dread and a bit of panic! If you've had a tear or an episiotomy, or you've found yourself a bit constipated it can be a pretty unpleasant experience. But did you know there is a better way to poo? A way that won't usually require pushing or straining and that is better for your pelvic health? Not just for post birth, but for forever! Women's health Physiotherapists recommend using (technical term) a 'poo step' when the need arises. If you sit on the loo and place your feet on a little step (eg toddler bathroom step or failing that a couple of books or upturned loo rolls) your knees will be higher than your hips. Combine that with leaning forwards a little, and letting your belly flop and relax, then voila, you are good to go for an effortless poo! We also recommend NOT holding your breath so keep going with some good in and out breaths whilst you do your business. The theory is this - in the aforementioned position (trust me, you get used to it and will never look back) your pelvic floor muscles are fully released and relaxed, allowing your gut to straighten out and your motion to pass with ease. But when we sit in the 'normal' sitting position on the loo, there is a degree of tension maintained in the pelvic floor muscles which keeps a kink in the gut - which you've to push against to go. NOT GOOD. Now if you've just had a baby, suffer with haemorrhoids, pelvic organ prolapse, or lower back problems then pushing and straining on the loo is a baaad idea. Being constipated is seriously unhelpful for our pelvic health and can even contribute to urinary leaking. Using a poo step is a great way to enable you to poo without increasing the 'intra-abdominal' pressure - which creates a downward pressure on the pelvic organs potentially contributing to a prolapse and haemorrhoids. Definitely something to avoid. Poo steps needed in every bathroom....go on, try it. It's life changing. Look out for my next blog.......Follow my Facebook page to be sure you don’t miss it. Mother Nurture Pilates | Physiotherapist led Antenatal & Postnatal Pilates classes | Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire #postnatalpilates #womenshealthphysiotherapy #leightonbuzzard #mothernurturepilates

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