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Postnatal Physioterapy

When you've got a brand new baby to settle, and you're trying to navigate the chaos of feeds and nappies on little sleep yourself, your own health is often the last thing you think about. Plus there isn't really anyone telling you that you SHOULD consider this. Indeed people around you may suggest its normal to leak a bit of pee/wind when you have just had a baby.

The statistics speak for themselves...1 in 3 women in the UK leak urine, and 1 in 2 new Mums have some degree of Pelvic Organ Prolapse. That said.....

'Common' does NOT mean 'NORMAL'!!!!  These problems are T R E A T A B L E!!!
Mums do not need to go through life tolerating the anxiety of damp underwear, or the discomfort of vaginal heaviness from a prolapse.

I offer a thorough postnatal assessment for Mums, regardless of how old your child is. This check up includes a postural assessment, abdominal muscle check and pelvic floor examination in order to evaluate how well you are recovering after birth.

The pelvic floor element of the examination is only performed with your express consent, and gives us an opportunity to assess and teach correct pelvic floor muscle contraction, and design you a bespoke exercise programme based on the examination findings. It is an invaluable part of the postnatal check up I offer and highly recommended regardless of your type of birth, but particularly if you had a tear, episiotomy or forceps/ventouse delivery.

If having had your baby has left you with some urinary/faecal leaking, vaginal heaviness/bulging, any problems with bladder/bowel function, pelvic pain, painful sex or anything untoward with regards your pelvic health, this check up is what you need to make a great start to your recovery from pregnancy and birth. It is a very discreet and dignified, you will be put at ease throughout. No conversation is taboo or too difficult!

I'm based at in Berkhamsted on a Monday and Thursday and Milton Keynes on a Tuesday.
Contact me by email or phone to discuss availability and fees, or to find out more.

Find out what a recent client thought of her physio postnatal check-up....


"I have had a truly fascinating and informative visit to see Jo about a problem I had been feeling over a few months post childbirth. 

After my second child was born I started feeling a compressing, uncomfortable feeling below. It was particularly uncomfortable when lifting and carrying him. I felt like I didn’t want to go for long walks and certainly would not run or bounce on a trampoline! 

Jo made me feel so comfortable and empowered to look after my own body. We went through simple and very effective exercises that I could do to help with my problems. 

I would recommend to any woman to get better informed about women’s health, especially pre medical intervention. I feel so much more comfortable and have a better understanding of what’s really going on down there. It feels like I am back in control again. Thank you Jo."