Rehab After Birth ~Online Course~


A course designed specifically for new Mums looking to have the best possible postnatal recovery; suitable from as soon as baby arrives!


Physiotherapists can offer valuable advice in the first 6 weeks after birth however, we rarely see Mums at this time! By starting appropriate rehabilitation right away after birth, you can enhance your recovery and tackle common postnatal problems for example incontinence, pelvic/back pain, abdominal separation and pelvic organ prolapse.


Ladies often aren't even aware that rehab after birth is something to consider, but with 1 in 3 UK women experiencing incontinence and 1 in 2 having symptoms of prolapse, the statistics would suggest otherwise. These problems are highly treatable, but better still, could be avoided with some specific guidance at the appropriate time. 

What's on offer?


This online course includes;


- a bespoke postnatal recovery guide delivered to your inbox, with clear guidance and tips relating to the type of birth you had. This is sent to you immediately after your birth so you can start your recovery in the best way, right away.


- starting at 2 weeks after your birth, each week you will receive by email a series of pilates based exercises to do at home (when it suits you), so you can start some gentle movement and re-connect with key muscles. This will be suitable whether you have a C Section or a vaginal birth. The course includes 4 classes, taking you up to week 6 at which point you may be ready to join a face to face postnatal class.


- benefit from Jo Dyson's many years of experience as a Physiotherapist. You can be sure of safe exercise instruction and clear guidance, at a time when you may otherwise be uncertain about what's suitable for you. 


Most exercise classes for new Mums quite rightly do not take ladies until minimum 6 weeks after their delivery - that doesn't mean you can't participate in any exercise from birth but rather reflects the content of these classes.


Jo brings you gentle movement and breath work which lays the foundation to your postnatal recovery - the sort of things that would prescribed in Physio clinic to new Mums. The modified Pilates exercises are specifically chosen for your circumstances by Jo, with the standard of care you would expect from a Chartered Physiotherapist. 


How do I register?


- Ideally, register while pregnant**. Before baby arrives, complete the Rehab after Birth registration form (a brief health questionnaire) and pay the course fee (£25).

- Once baby has arrived, complete the Birth Summary form, as soon as it's practical. When Jo has the necessary details of your birth she can write your bespoke Recovery Guide. You'll receive this in your inbox right away and the link to watch each weekly exercise class will then follow from week 2.


**If your baby has very recently arrived (less than 6-8 weeks ago) and you still wish to do this course, it's content is still very relevant and you will find it good preparation for starting postnatal pilates, which would usually commence from 6-8 weeks after delivery. It is recommended to start the course as early as you can after delivery, however if circumstances delay your start it can still be of value to your recovery.

Please get in touch with Jo should you have any questions about the course or to register your place (contact form below).

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