"I would definitely recommend this class to new mums. I learnt so much and it really helped me work on my core post pregnancy. Jo is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. She makes sure you tailor the class to your own needs and abilities. You can also tend to baby as and when needed and everyone in the class is great too. I just wish I had done Pilates during pregnancy too! But with these classes it’s never too late to get back your core strength."

Sobia Khan

"I met Jo through physio when I was pregnant. I found her very friendly and helpful and signed up to her post pregnancy Pilates sessions without hesitation after birth of my daughter, Orla.

Having given birth via C section, I've been forced to delay exerting exercise for 6 months, however, starting Pilates after 3 months has really given me a kickstart in rebuilding my core. Jo's carefully planned classes also include exercises which target upper and lower body muscles too, and I can really feel the difference after just a handful of sessions.

I love the fact that not only can you bring your baby along, but if they decide to throw a tantrum mid-class nobody bats an eye!"

Laura Davies

"After pregnancy, I was left with severe abdominal separation and backache. Under Jo's instruction she put together a tailored pilates programme for me to address these issues. I also regularly attended her classes at the Sandhills Community House. As a result, the abdominal separation, core strength and backache improved immensely. She is an excellent instructor and as a qualified physio she was able to adapt exercises suitable to my needs helping me to achieve great results. So to all the new mums and mums to be out there, I cannot recommend Jo highly enough!"

Rose Perrett

"I’d recommend Jo’s Mummy & Me Pilates class to any lady postpartum. I felt stronger in my core within weeks and with Jo’s excellent advice in class, I am able to continue exercising at home. Jo ensures you feel welcome and also plays THE best tunes in class!"

Annabelle Fincher

"I am currently attending Jo's class on a Thursday morning and really enjoying the one time I have during the week dedicated to myself, in a baby friendly environment. Jo has been a great help in diagnosing my separated abdominals and showing me specific exercises to rectify it since having my son in Feb !! Great class !"

Claire Edgerton

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